Flavors skew dark and deep with cocoa, coffee, dark brown sugar, and vanilla. Don't forget about these 44 additional costs, Ken Block Is Drag Racing His Hoonicorn Mustang Against Everything. Layered with baking spice, banana and guava, this rum is easy to sip on its own, but inexpensive enough to mix into any drink. This clean yet sumptuous spirit earned the title of "Best Booze Buy" from spirits blog The Pour Fool and makes a summery alternative to vodka. The bright citrusy notes are ideally suited to daiquiris and simple cocktails that let the spirit shine. The blogger behind The Pour Fool marvels at the quality-to-price ratio. Starting at $22 This Jamaican dark rum packs a lot of flavor into a low-priced bottle. Starting at $15 Intensely rich flavors of caramel, spice cake, and burnt sugar and cinnamon lend a bold sweetness to cocktails made with tropical fruit juice. Looking to grab a bottle? Touted as one of the best rums under $35 by The Pour Fool, this spirit adds considerable complexity to a cocktail and might be best enjoyed neat. Starting at $30 This classic Dominican rum, made from molasses, caters to those who crave bold flavor. Help / Perhaps you're indulging in warm-weather, beach-cocktail fantasies as temperatures dip. 「知的財産権の侵害を報告」ページ 注文管理 / Starting at $28 From St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands comes this deep, dense, and indulgent rum that boasts up to 12 years of aging.

Prices and availability are subject to change. Delicious on its own, this Panamanian spirit also adds a lot to classic tiki drinks. With layers of flavor including baking spices and chocolate, it's easy to see why this rum consistently scores high marks with consumers and professionals. 関連情報 / The deep molasses flavor, with notes of banana and chocolate, makes a delicious foundation for a traditional cocktail such as a dark and stormy or a fruity rum punch. 返信不要のeメールを購入者から受信しました。このeメールを回答時間の計算から除外するにはどうすればよいですか? 返信する必要のないメッセージにマークを付けるには、メッセージ管理ページ下部にある返信不要をクリックします。 Either way, there's no need to spend $60 or more on a bottle of rum that's good enough for sipping neat or on the rocks. Related: 20 Splurge-Worthy Tequilas Perfect for Sipping This Summer, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Buying a home? 初回のメール送信時に「迷惑メール防止のために、アカウントの確認を実行してください」とでるので、確認をクリックし画面が変わります。 そこに「この電話番号にコードを送ってください。」とでてくるのですが、コードなんてどこにも書いてないし、そもそもこの電話番号ってなんですか。 Starting at $30 A notable standout among spiced rums, this Puerto Rican rum from Don Q scored 94 out of 100 in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2017 and has earned high marks from online reviewers both for taste and value.

惑メール申告(通報)アドレス」として旧申告窓口メールアドレスが登録されています。取扱説明書またはオンラインマニュアルをご参照のうえ、設定の変更をお願いいたします。. The final list includes white rums as well as darker rums that have been aged longer. Starting at $23 This Guatemalan rum is made in a rich style with plenty of sweetness and caramel flavors. With 12 years of aging, it packs a lot of warm spice flavor layered with tropical fruits and over delivers for the modest price point.

It's smooth and sweet, with notes of spice and caramelized tobacco leaf and a long and luscious finish. Rated highly across a variety of spirits sites, it offers a higher quality product than many other rums at the same price. This powerful Trinidadian rum earns 10 out of 10 from Spirits Review for its flavor and value. 2017/9/30 ( 3年前 ) 2017/9/30 vip, 小話 Starting at $24 This high-alcohol rum from Guyana is made in an old-school style, featuring a full body and velvety texture. Starting at $23 Another release from Plantation, this Xamayca from Jamaica is one of the hottest new rums on the market. Bottled at 45% ABV, this one might be a touch too hot for most palates if served neat, so on the rocks or in a cocktail are likely the best bets.