Can I still watch them?

?Thank you again for sharing this ^^, I'm glad you found my site!! Thank you for this list! now you can see all their videos <3 Don't worry Your english is fine! This will help you ♥, Hi Brend.. How to expess my thanks to all your post..i love Ryosuke so much and take a long time to find the clips.. And if y cab help me to find the dear concect disc 2..and some link enghsub is can not đown.. From clip come to my hóue éngsub.. PleaPe fix, Hi! I hope you don't mind :), Whats the difference between the Disc A and Disc B of Jumping Car? Awh you're welcome I just want to make it easier for fans ^_^ I'm working on all of then except for Asu e no YELL but when someone posts it I'll link it to this page :). Say! Please? How can I get a community membership in livejournal? I'm active on LJ and asked to join the communities, but they're not active anymore I think. Once you post what they said to, it will take some time for them to accept you and then you will be able to download all of their subs ^_^, uhmm..?

Brendog 1496 June 1, 2014 at 4:38 PM. Give Me Love/Hey!Say!JUMPの音楽ダウンロード・試聴・スマホ対応の高音質な音楽をお探しならヤマハの「mysound」!フジテレビ系月9ドラマ「カインとアベル」主題歌

They really are adorkable aren't they! Reply. :( i'll be waiting thanks :D and sorry for the bother ^^" Reply Delete. Thank you Pikanchi!! Asu e no YELL I have but not Hitomi no Screen :(. Say! Thank you!! did something happen? JUMP PV & Making HQ English Subs. i already a member. Thank you very much❤️But when I downloaded the makings it wasn't subbed...can I have some help with that??? As a new fans its been hard for me T.T but bcs your blog, I can watch HSJ in my laptop happyly~Thank you ^^Btw, I dont know how and where to buy HSJ album. You're welcome!!

Yes, you will need to join the community. ★愛だけがスカーフ(手ぬぐい素材)封入★スペシャルBOX仕様★歌詞ブックレット(16P)封入[DVD]※APPROX.39min.・「愛だけがすべて -What do you want?-」ビデオ・クリップテレビ朝日系 金曜ナイトドラマ「家政夫のミタゾノ」主題歌・「愛だけがすべて -What do you want?-」メイキング, ★8面折りポスター歌詞ブックレット封入[DVD]※APPROX.43min.・「愛だけがすべて -What do you want?-」ビデオ・クリップ・「愛だけがすべて -What do you want?-」(ミタゾノバージョン)ビデオ・クリップ&メイキング[CD]Bloom作詞・作曲:Kaoru/編曲:Chang-crane, [DVD]※APPROX.3min.50sec.・「愛だけがすべて -What do you want?-」ビデオ・クリップ[CD]・「愛だけがすべて -What do you want?-」作詞:May Wonder/作曲:TAKAROT、Dr.Hardcastle/編曲:遠藤ナオキ※ジャケットのビジュアルは、3仕様すべて異なります。※収録内容・商品仕様は予告なく変更する場合があります。予めご了承ください。. I took PVs making from your blog. Hey!Say!JUMPの曲をダウンロードできる音楽配信サービスをお探しの方はこちら。着うたをスマホ(iPhone・Android)でダウンロードできます。ジャニーズの最新曲が取り放題です。 Why (until now?) ^______^ ありがとう! <3, Some of them aren't but I retimed them so if you need them just email me ^_^. can i ask you something? Thank you for letting me know ^_^, Hi nce to meet youI am going to download your link but it can't be opened. We will approve as soon as we can~ <3 p/s : thanks Brendog for creditting us :), Sorry i want to ask a questionI cant joun in 10ninjump and i cant download anyvideos and any softsubs What should i do Brendog help meee, Hi!! Pls help me T_T, its kinda hard to download the subtitle, i really hope you can help me, Please post the Muah Muah and I Am MV Making :(. :D, hallo!

I haven't checked if anyone uploaded subs already but i'll look and if they have i'll link them to this post ;). I haven't really been looking recently, but if I do see it I will link everyone to the page or community ^_^, it's already subbed here's the links.., Yay!!

Thank you so much much for your hard work, Thank you!!!! I heard there is this bonus track 'From' by HSJ, do you have it too? What if I'm on an iPad? JUMPの新曲・シングルを今すぐチェック!音楽ダウンロードはポイントでお得&高音質のドワンゴジェイピー)で! Hope you can upload Give Me Love PV soon!

→Hey!Say! JUMP「OVER THE TOP」のフルを今すぐ無料で聴くにはこちらをタップ!, 実は最近、Hey!Say! JUMPの「OVER THE TOP」という曲にハマっていて、毎日のように聴いているんですよね。, さて、そんなHey!Say! JUMP「OVER THE TOP」ですが、Youtubeにはショートバージョンしか存在しません!!(泣), 「あと、通信制限が怖いからYoutubeじゃなくてスマホにダウンロードできたら嬉しいな」, Hey!Say! JUMP「OVER THE TOP」のフルをmp3で無料ダウンロードする方法, 下にある表では、Hey!Say! JUMPの「OVER THE TOP」がダウンロードできる8つのサービスを比較しています。, 上のようにそれぞれのサービスを比較し、最もお得にHey!Say! JUMP「OVER THE TOP」をダウンロードする方法を検討した結果、, 比較した他の7つのサービスは「有料」で、music.jpのような無料のお試し期間を設けていません。, 下の画像は、お試し登録時にもらったポイントを実際に使って、フル楽曲を無料購入した時の画面です。, なお、10%のポイント還元もあるので、250円の曲なら4曲は無料はダウンロードできる計算になります。, →Hey!Say! JUMP「OVER THE TOP」のフルverを今すぐ無料で聴くにはこちらをタップ, さきほどご紹介したように、music.jpでは1曲250円(ハイレゾは540円)で購入できるので、, 登録時にもらった961ポイントと、購入時の10%のポイント還元を含めると、4曲は無料でダウンロードできることになります。, music.jpでは、「OVER THE TOP」の他にもHey!Say! JUMPの曲を扱っていて、, 大好きなHey!Say! JUMPの曲や、他の気になるアーティストの最新曲をダウンロードしたりと、自分に合わせたポイントの使い方ができるんですよ。, こんな感じで結構ガッツリ楽しめちゃうので、お金払いたいくらいの気持ちではありますが、, music.jpは太っ腹なサービスだなぁと思うので、是非今後も続けていただきたいですね。, 今現在は、30日間の無料お試し期間がありますが、他のサービスにない太っ腹なキャンペーンですので、今後いつ打ち切られてもおかしくはないと言えます。, まず、music.jpの登録画面にアクセスし、以下の画像①、②、③、④の順にすすめれば終了です。, 解約した後も、無料で手に入れた楽曲をダウンロードして聴き続けることができました!(PC、スマホどちらでもダウンロード可能), 支払方法によって異なる解除画面が表示されるので、そのまま解除手続きをすればコース解約が完了です。, ・Hey!Say! JUMP「OVER THE TOP」のmp3を無料かつ安全にダウンロードする方法の比較, しかもお試しの30日間は無料ですから、その期間で音楽や動画を全力で楽しみ、もしお金がかかるのがイヤだったら、解約してしまえばOK。, ぜひmusic.jpでHey!Say! JUMPの「OVER THE TOP」を楽しんでみてください♪, 次回のコメントで使用するためブラウザーに自分の名前、メールアドレス、サイトを保存する。. Thank You so much for all links ^_^I have question to You. Gomenasai! :D I really enjoyed this single sooooo much!!! I cant play the jumping carnival concert. Say! JUMPの新曲・シングルを今すぐチェック!音楽ダウンロードはポイントでお得&高音質のドワンゴジェイピー)で! :3 please, I'm waiting for the softsubs for Chau# :3, I'll post them as soon as someone uploads them~ ^_^, me too... is there any softsubs for Chau# yet?Thank you very much for all the links!!! was when the only video i actually saw fully is Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and the last as a teaser was SUPER DELICATE. hi! Say! ?but it didn't work...I don't know if you understand what I mean but if you don't i think that i can try again(sorry if you're busy btw my itchiban is also chii chan❤️❤️), if you use VLC you can just drag the softsub into the video and it should start playing the subs :), okay... you can tell how far behind i've been with them. excuse me. Aww you're welcome!! JUMP オフィシャルサイトのトップページ。最新ニュース、CD・DVD・VIDEOのディスコグラフィ、リリース情報、メディア出演情報、ライブ・イベント・ステージ出演情報、プロフィール情報などを掲載。J Storm(ジェイストーム)公式サイト。 xD Yes I hated how hard it was for me to find their PVs when I first became a fan so I'm glad I can help out my fellow international JE fans now!!!! Say! We have an alternative if we ever need it, thank you!! JUMPの10thシングル収録曲。 BOUNCEの発売日2013年06月26日。 デビュー6年目(2013年時)を迎えた、Hey! i want to download chau# pv making and it related with 10-jump, but it can't. JUMP PV & Making HQ Englis... [Masterpost] ALL Hey! Hi! Thank you but can you re-upload them to mediafire? Say! Weekender got his one too. ^^, ah ! You can download them to your computer, if you need to use HJSplit to join them together ^_^. Now I can watch every single video from them <3. or they are not admiting more members or I don't know 'cause I tried to join them but there's no response :(. Ok!! Sorry for being out, of commission, but I have returned with a, master post for all of Hey! xD, Hello I'm having a difficulty having the subs :(I've tried joining their community, but still no luck :(Thank you btw for all the vids! Say!

The community should be up by now!

[Download] Hey! JUMP's new album, DEAR. Say! help me please, would you? Hi, the 10-jump comm has stop updating/accepting.

Hi, thank you for these! It says access denied. I'm glad you can download them too~. Yay!!! and also, what problems are you having with the jumping carnival concert? [Download] DEAR Live Tour 2016 Concert DVD. Say! Hello!! I don't know what should I do, it's like I already get permission in some of the livejournals like Jounetsu8 or Janiizu-station, but there's some others like 10-Jump, Hy_gogatsu993 or chishii92 and I feel like they are inactive?