"The Boscombe Valley Mystery" was adapted in 1990 for BBC Radio 4 by Bert Coules, as part of the 1989–1998 radio series starring Clive Merrison as Holmes and Michael Williams as Watson. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. John Turner,” cried the hotel waiter, opening the door of our sitting-room, and ushering in a visitor.”, ――「この事件のことは全て分かったぞ。犯人はーー」「ジョン・ターナーさんです」給仕が居間のドアを開けて訪問者を招き入れた。, まさか給仕くんも自分が今、世間を騒がせている事件の犯人を案内しているなんて思いもしなかったろう。, こういう細かい所でドイル氏は話に緩急をつけてくるから、飽きないで読めるのだと思います。, なので、頭が固く、ホームズの手法を散々馬鹿にしますが、自分は真相に辿り着けません。, 皮肉屋なホームズと頭の固いレストレード警部が揃うと、紳士なので直接には言いませんが、かなりギリギリ(いややっぱオーバーしてるかも)なところで貶し合います。, “Lestrade shrugged his shoulders. Turner was bound to answer all of McCarthy’s demands but stood firm in his opposition to marriage between Alice and James.

原書部 原書:the boscombe valley mystery (英文) 著者名:sir arthur conan doyle(アーサー・コナン・ドイル) 辞書部 He had to return later to retrieve the cloak that he had dropped in his haste. 4 He picked out from his bundle a copy of the local Herefordshire paper, and having turned down the sheet he pointed out the paragraph in which the unfortunate young man had given his own statement of what had occurred. In the 1991 TV adaption starring Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke, Boscombe Valley is in Cheshire in the northwest of England.
They argued heatedly, and James decided to return to Hatherley Farm. Order now from our extensive selection of books coming soon with Pre-order Price Guarantee. James then discarded his gun and held his father in his arms He stated that his father made some allusion to a rat which he presumed was a result of delirium before death.

Holmes, Watson and Lestrade go to Hatherley Farm, and examine Charles's and James's boots. Although he liked James, John did not want Charles' "cursed blood" mixed with his family's, so he resisted the union. [2], "The Boscombe Valley Mystery" was published in the UK in The Strand Magazine in October 1891, and in the United States in the US edition of the Strand in November 1891.

Light Programme, 12 December 1966 20.00. When his wife heard of his troubles, however, she confessed that she was already married before they met, and therefore their marriage is invalid. It is the fourth of the twelve stories that are collected as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. ±é ãªã‚‹çœŸå®Ÿãªã®ã ã€‚特異性とはまず間違いなく手掛かりになる。犯罪の特徴がなく一般的になるほど、解明するのがより難しくなる。しかし、この事件に関して言えば、警察はこの重大な事件を殺された被害者の息子の犯行と断定している」, 「じゃあ、殺人事件なのか?」, 「まあ、そう推測されているようだ。僕は自分の手で調べてみるまで何も断定するつもりはない。すでに分かっている範囲で、非常に簡潔に事件の概況を説明しよう」, Javascript が有効になっていません。. [9], "The Boscombe Valley Mystery" was adapted by Edith Meiser as an episode of the radio series The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes with Richard Gordon as Sherlock Holmes and Leigh Lovell as Dr. Both men were widowed. Share. What she does not know is that James actually loves her, but could not follow his father's demand because he had married a barmaid before Alice had returned from boarding school.

It was first published in the Strand Magazine in 1891. James was arrested and charged with murder. Resolved to change, John parted ways with his friends. It also analyses reviews to verify trustworthiness. The deceased's estranged son is strongly implicated. Alice says that no one but Mr McCarthy was in favour of the union and that this caused frequent conflict between him and his son. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Watson rounds off his narrative by reporting that Alice Turner and James McCarthy are likely to marry and live in happy ignorance of the stormy past which brought them together. Villain: 6月のこと、ワトスンはホームズにマッカーシー氏殺人事件の捜査を手伝わないかと誘われる。, 容疑者は被害者の息子で、事件の寸前に激しい口論をしている所が目撃されていた。しかし息子の供述によると、頭を冷やそうと少し離れた隙に父が殺されてしまったという。, 警察は息子を犯人と断定しているが、ホームズは彼の証言が潔白を偽るようなものとはかけ離れていることを指摘する。, ボスコム谷のホテルに到着したホームズ一行は、容疑者の幼馴染のターナー婦人に迎えられた。彼女は容疑者が無実だという証明をしてもらうために、レストレード警部を通してホームズに依頼したのだ。現場の調査や聞き込みをしたホームズは、あの口論の理由が若さ故の馬鹿な結婚のせいで愛するターナー婦人と結婚できないことについてだったことを明らかにし、真犯人の正体を知った。その後、ホームズはこの事件の犯人で、この付近の地主であるターナー氏を部屋に呼び出して真相を聞き出す。, 長年ターナーは過去の悪行をネタにマッカーシーに脅され続け、近頃はターナーの一人娘を息子に嫁がさせようと強要するのですっかり神経が参っていた。, そしてあの時、マッカーシー親子が結婚の件で口論しているのを立ち聞きするうちに、ふと魔が差して殺害してしまったのだ。, ターナー氏はマッカーシーの息子を陥れるつもりは無く、もし彼が有罪判決を受けるようなら名乗り出るつもりだったという。, ホームズは以上の話を書き取り、必要に迫られない限りは決してこの供述を公表しないことを約束してターナーを帰した。, 結局この供述は使われず、ホームズや弁護士らの尽力でマッカーシーの息子は無罪と判決される。, ターナー氏は事件から数ヵ月後に病死した。マッカーシーの息子は昔の女とも今回の事件で縁を切ることができ、親達の暗い過去を知ることのないまま、ターナー婦人と二人で幸せに暮らしているという。, “…… . Shortly after this sighting James McCarthy ran to a nearby lodge and stated that he had found his father murdered in the woods. The largest landed proprietor in that part is a Mr. John Turner, who made his money in Australia and returned some years ago to the old country. The coroner warned James that this refusal would strongly prejudice the case against him but the young man still forbore making any explanation. Unable to add item to Wish List. Turner explains that in Australia he had been a highway robber and earned himself the name “Black Jack of Ballarat.” One day Turner and his gang attacked a gold convoy and robbed it. Holmes deduces that the killer is left-handed (because Charles was struck neatly on the left side of his head from behind, where a right-handed man would have struck him on the other side), and that the stranger is tall, has a limp, and smokes cigars. After much pressure, John agreed to meet Charles secretly at the Pool to resolve the matter. Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson take a train to Boscombe Valley, in Herefordshire. Get 90 days FREE of Amazon Music Unlimited. Lestrade receives this information very disdainfully and Holmes demurely informs the Inspector that he has wasted his chance to be credited with the solution of the mystery. Holmes manages to get James McCarthy acquitted without using the confession. Holmes says that circumstantial evidence can point to very different conclusions depending upon the angle from which it is considered. "The Boscombe Valley Mystery" is one of the cases from the 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. | Watson.[7]. ボスコム谷の惨劇:ボスコム谷で父親を惨殺したとして息子が逮捕される。無実を信じる幼なじみの女性の訴えでレストード警部はホームズに事件の調査を依頼する。綿密な調査から浮かび上がった犯人像と …